Bosnian league start at Saturday

Tomorrow, Saturday, October 15, will start new season in Bosnian Men’s Basketball league.

Point of this post is to present to our readers hard situation in Bosnian Basketball.

Only one example will be enough to show what’s happen with Bosnian Basketball in previous period.

Basketball Club Bosna Sarajevo, won European title in Grenoble, France in 1979. April 5, 1979, the brightest moment of BC Bosna Sarajevo. 32 years after that great success, BC Bosna Sarajevo is in terrible situation.

This year club will only compete in domestic league, same situation like season before. Years before Bosna had an opportunity to play in NLB Adriatic league (ABA Adriatic league) and compete with top team from Ex Yu republics.

Today, BC Bosna is in terrible financial situation, witout clear vision for coming years. Who to blame?

If you ask me, I would blame people from board of BC Bosna, people from Basketball Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ministry of Sport and Culture, etc, etc… Sadly, no one care too much about this situation. Then, why do I care? No, I also don’t care anymore…

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