Bogdan Tanjevic, NBA coaches are stupid!

bogdan tanjevic

At the first moment when I saw this statement in some foreign sources I couldn’t believe it, and I thought it is kind of joke. But, with checking with other different sources this statement was confirmed.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport Bogdan Tanjevic, Coach of Turkish National team said: “In NBA league there are just 3 or 4 good coaches who last for 100 years, gain billions and win trophies. The other ones are stupid, Tyrone Corbin included.”

This is such shameful statement from one Basketball Coach and I still can’t believe that he said such things.

Reason for this kind of statement is one of the best Turkish players Enes Kanter who decided not to join the National Team this summer.

Whatever reason Tanjevic had this is not the way how to talk about other Basketball coaches and I must say that I am so disappointed.

In his statement Tanjevic also added: “Kanter forgot how to play basketball. He will never be a center but he starts always back-to-the-basket. As PF/C he would be devastating. He is 210cm but he is the best shooter in the Turkish National Team, guards included.”

Tanjevic blames Coach Tyrone Corbin for bad coaching and putting Enes Kanter on wrong position in Utah Jazz.

No doubt that Bogdan Tanjevic is big name in European Basketball but this statement ruined all his results, at least for me.

I am sure that there are other people who will also condemn this statement since it is not in sportsman spirit.