Another shameful defeat for Partizan mt:s

dusko vujosevic

Probably most of Partizan mt:s fans believed that Partizan mt:s will easily win over Siroki Wwin in Game 17 in ABA Adriatic league.

But, like in the worst nightmare, things turned on other side and Siroki Wwin topped Partizan mt:s 87-80.

Team from the bottom of ABA Adriatic league standings surprised team who is one of pretenders for Final 4 this season in ABA Adriatic league.

I had an opportunity to watch this game and as a Basketball coach I must say following. I don’t understand a lot of things in philosophy of coach Dusko Vujosevic.

Vujosevic insisted in 1-3-1 zone defense against team who is in great shooting form and team who compose its game on 3-point shooting.

Why? I am sure that Dusko Vujosevic is the only one who knows. Other thing is more than obvious and it is lack of idea in offense.

Players simple have no clue what they have to do in specific situations. There could be several reasons for that, but one of them could be that they are confused with Vujosevic’s tactics.

The true is that Partizan mt:s played without Vladimir Lucic, team captain and probably one of the most players in Partizan mt:s in this season so far.

But this is not excuse, this could be additional stimulation for all players to do their best in this game.

One thing that really bother me is that we could see luck of energy and willingness to invest just a little more effort on the court. This shouldn’t happen.

There are a lot of disappointed fans of Partizan mt:s and their reactions on different forums and discussion boards are pretty interesting.

Some of them blame Dusko Vujosevic for releasing Danilo Andjusic, not giving real chance to Branislav Djekic. Some of fans expect resignation of adored coach from years ago.

Marko Sutalo led Siroki Wwin with 21 points in great role, Zeljko Sakic added 16 points and newcomer Johnathon Jones scored 12 points.

In Partizan mt:s, Bogdan Bogdanovic scored 12 points, four players scored 11 points, Nemanja Gordic, Dejan Musli, Drew Gordon and Davis Bertans.

After this game, Siroki Wwin improved to 6-11 record and Partizan mt:s dropped to 11-6 record.