Aleksandar Petrovic resigns as Cedevita Head coach

aleksandar petrovic

As it was expected, or at least was expected for fans of Cedevita, Head coach Aleksandar Petrovic resigns just after game against Partizan mt:s.

In Game 23 in ABA Adriatic league, his team Cedevita Zagreb played good game against Partizan mt:s and in let’s say 99% of this game was better team.

But, as usual, it ain’t over till it is over, his team lost this game with 2 points that Dragan Milosavljevic scored in less than 2 seconds before the end of game.

Cedevita had +6 in last two minutes and for some strange reasons gave this win to their opponents. This was enough for coach Aleksandar Petrovic to make his decision to resign.

But, it seems that he didn’t lose all energy on this game, as he was pretty quick in chasing referees on the court just after game.

Referees was verbally attacked by Aleksandar Petrovic and few players of Cedevita. It seems that they decided to blame someone else for their mistakes.

With this win, cedevita lost its chances to qualify to ABA Adriatic league Final 4, and if you ask me, they didn’t deserve to be there.

During whole season they played with ups and downs, with pretty less results than it was expected. Expensive roster, created for trophies, failed so badly in this season.