ABA Adriatic league comedy continues

aba adriatic league

As it is announced on Official website of ABA Adriatic league, board decided that Final 4 tournament will be played in Laktasi, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Or maybe not? Several Serbian sources announced statement of Roman Lisac who said that it is not decided yet, and that information that Laktasi will host Final 4 tournement is wrong.

Lisac also added that his wish is Belgrade but he is still not sure how this saga will finally finish.

After statement that Laktasi will host Final 4 tournament, Boris Spasojevic, president of Igokea said: “Why we would host Final 4 tournament? In case that we win against Krka, we will finish as the first team and qualify to Euroleague.”

He also added: “It is nonsense that we pay for Final 4 tournament costs if we qualify in Euroleague at the end of regular season.”

So, saga about ABA Adriatic league continues. People who run this league caused such a mess in this season, but it seems that no one will pay consequences.

We tried to contact fortune-teller and get more accurate information about this, but unfortunately even fortune-teller had no idea where Final 4 tournament of ABA Adriatic league will be played.