ABA Adriatic league 2013-14, Game 7 preview

aba adriatic league

Believe me or not, it is time for Game 7 in ABA Adriatic league regular season. As time flies, we looking for new excitements and great games in this very popular competition. Few very good game are scheduled for this week.

At the moment, Partizan NIS and Cedevita Zagreb with identical 5-1 record are at the top of ABA Adriatic league standings. Far down, at the bottom of the standings, Union Olimpija is alone with terrible 0-6 record.

This week action starting today with four games. Two more games will be played tomorrow, Sunday, November 10. Last game will be played at Monday, November 11.

Today, at 17.00 CET, Zadar will host Igokea. After surprising win in last week over Krka, Zadar will try to use Home court and win over Igokea. At this moment, Zadar have 2-4 record. Igokea, topped Union Olimpija in last week. In meantime, in Eurocup competition, Igokea wins ove Lukoil Academic, and coming to Zadar with positive energy.

Also at 17.00 CET, Szolnoki Olaj will host Union Olimpija. Szolnoki Olaj topped Radnicki few days ago, and will try to continue with good games, and at same time continue this terrible losing streak for Union Olimpija. After 0-6 record, Union Olimpija is in pretty tough situation, and we will see if they are able to finally wake-up.

At 19.00 CET, Cibona will host Mega Vizura in Zagreb. Both teams with identical 3-3 record, will try to grab their 4th win. It won’t be easy task for Mega Vizura, but after three consecutive wins, they coming in Zagreb full of self-confidence. Cibona were defeated by Partizan NIS in last game.

At 21.00 CET, MZT Skopje will host Krka. This is good opportunity for MZT Skopje to try to beat Krka and use home court to improve its current 2-4 record. Krka with 3-3 record in bit better situation, but they know that it won’t be an easy game in Skopje. Fans of MZT Skopje could be important part in this game.

Tomorrow, Sunday, November 10, at 17.00 CET, in the Game of the week, Crvena Zvezda Telekom will host Cedevita in Belgrade. Really looking forward to watch this game and see if Crvena Zvezda Telekom will use all positive energy from Euroleague win over Laboral Kutxa against very good team of Cedevita. Cedevita with current 5-1 record. Crvena Zvezda Telekom have 4-2 record.

At 19.00 CET. another one great game, as Radnicki will host Buducnsot VOLI in Kragujevac. Buducnost VOLI have better record, 4-2, since Radnicki have 3-3. Both teams grabbed wins few days ago in Eurocup competition and coming at this game with great atmosphere. Maybe, home court could be sixth player for Radnicki in this game.

And finally, at Monday, November 11, Siroki Primorka will host Partizan NIS in Siroki Brijeg. Despite much better current record, Partizan NIS is very careful as they know that home court in Siroki Brijag is tough for all teams in ABA Adriatic league. Partizan NIS with 5-1 record is favorite, but Siroki will try to improve its 2-4 record.

Here is schedule for Game 7 of ABA Adriatic league:

Saturday, November 9

Zadar : Igokea 17:00 CET
Szolnoki Olaj : Union Olimpija 17:00 CET
Cibona : Mega Vizura 19:00 CET
MZT Skopje Aerodrom : Krka 21:00 CET

Sunday, November 10

Crvena zvezda Telekom : Cedevita 17:00 CET
Radnicki : Buducnost VOLI 19:00 CET

Monday, November 11

Siroki Primorka : Partizan NIS 20:30 CET