ABA Adriatic league 2012-13, Game 21 preview

aba adriatic league

After one week break in ABA Adriatic league because National Cups were played in competitors countries, Game 21 will start today with three games.

Two more game will be played tomorrow, Sunday, February 17, and two games at Monday, February 18.

As we coming closer to the end of regular part of season in ABA Adriatic league, things getting more and more interesting and exciting.

After 20 played games in Regular season, Igokea is still leader despite two consecutive defeats in last two games.

Szolnoki Olaj vs. Union Olimpija

This game will open Game 21 in ABA Adriatic league. Szolnoki Olaj as the team from the bottom of standings will host Union Olimpija.

Union Olimpija with two straight wins in last two games is favorite in this game, and it will be interesting if Szolnoki Olaj may be serious opponent.

Split vs. Krka

Split in very tough situation, at position 13 with 7-13 record, will host Krka. Krka is currently at position 9 with 8-12 record.

Game important for Split to try to escape from the bottom but it won’t be an easy task in this game. Krka lost in last two games, since Split have 4 straight defeats.

Buducnost VOLI vs. Siroki Wwin

After unexpected defeat in Final game in Monetengrin Cup and another one defeat in Eurocup Last 16, it is obvious that Buduncost VOLI is in deep crisis.

On the other side, Siroki Wwin topped Zadar in road game and with some more self-confidence will travel to Montenegro. At this moment Buducnost VOLI holds position 4 with 12-8 record.

Siroki Wwin is currently at position 11 with 7-13 record.

Cedevita vs. MZT Skopje

It is expected that this will be interesting game, even Cedevita is favorite due to home court at least.

Cedevita still with chances for Final four as they are currently at position 6 with 12-8 record. MZT Skopje holds position 8 with 10-10 record.

Crvena Zvezda Telekom vs. Partizan mt:s

Huh, another one clash between teams who just played against each other in Final game of Radivoj Korac Cup. Because of hooligans, game was played during two day.

It is always very nervous atmosphere when these two teams play against each other, and it will be interesting to see how this game will finish.

Crvena Zvezda Telekom topped Partizan mt:s in Radivoj Korac Cup and won first trophy in this season. This will be additional motivation for both teams. Partizan mt:s prepared revenge, and we will see if they will succeed.

However, Game of the Week, but at same time Game with high risk of new incidents. Even it is expected that only fans of Crvena Zvezda Telekom will be in Pionir Sport hall, it is hard to believe that Partizan mt:s fans will not find the way to come too.

Igokea vs. Zadar

Leader of ABA Adriatic league will host Zadar, team from the bottom. Actually, Zadar holds position 12 with 7-13 record.

After two straight defeats it is pressure on Igokea to finally win and stop all rumors about crisis. Igokea is big favorite in this game, even we shouldn’t underestimate Zadar who had few very good games.

In meantime, Igokea won first trophy in this season as they topped Siroki Wwin in Final game in Bosnian National Cup.

Radnicki vs. Cibona

Another one game that should be very interesting to watch. Radnicki will host Cibona after failure in Radivoj Korac Cup as they were eliminated by Crvena Zvezda Telekom in semifinal game.

Radnicki had great expectations as they were hosts for Cup tournament, but they lost in semifinals against much better team.

Now, it is pressure on Radnicki to try to save season with Final 4 in ABA Adriatic league. They are currently at position 5 with 12-8 record.

Cibona won Kresimir Cosic Cup as they beat Cedevita in Final game. This definitely gave some more self-confidence to the team and coach and even at the position 10 at this moment, Cibona should be seriously considered.

Here is schedule for Game 21 of ABA Adriatic league:

Saturday, Fabruary 16

Szolnoki Olaj : Union Olimpija 17:00

Split : Krka 19:00

Buducnost VOLI : Siroki WWin 19:00

Sunday, February 17

Cedevita : MZT Skopje Aerodrom 17:00

Crvena zvezda Telekom : Partizan mt:s 21:00

Monday, February 18

Igokea : Zadar 20:30

Radnicki : Cibona 20:30