Zeljko Obradovic would like to stay in Panathinaikos

zeljko obradovic

Despite defeat against Olympiacos in Final series in Greek league, Zeljko Obradovic stated that he would like to stay in Panathinaikos.

We wrote few days ago about different rumors about destiny for Zeljko Obradovic in Panathinaikos but it seems that no one exactly knows what will happen.

Since it is confirmed that Giannakopoulos family will remain at Panathinaikos, they stated that they would like if Zeljko Obradovic stay forever with Panathinaikos.

The most successful European Basketball coach, Zeljko Obradovic came at bench of Panathinaikos at 1999, and since that time he won 23 trophies.

He won 5 Euroleague titles, 11 titles in Greek Championship and 7 titles in Greek National Cup, it is amazing score and probably unreachable for all other coaches in Europe.

We will see probably in next few days how this saga will finish, but I believe that Zeljko Obradovic will stay with Panathinaikos. As he said: “It is my home here.”