Zeljko Obradovic close to Anadolu Efes?

zeljko obradovic

It seems that Zeljko Obradovic will not extend his contract with Panathinaikos, and it seems that according to numerous rumors from Serbia and Turkey he is pretty close to Anadolu Efes.

Few months ago, we wrote about possibility that Zeljko Obradovic will coach Anadolu Efes in next season, and it seems that this could be true.

Of course, there is still nothing official, but we can read about it on many different medias around Europe, so everything is possible.

It is obvious that this is the most interesting rumor in Basketball world, since Zeljko Obradovic is one of the best Basketball coaches in Europe.

In last few days there were also rumors that Zeljko Obradovic is on CSKA wish list, but another rumors says that Ettore Messina is pretty close to CSKA’s bench.

Problem with Panathinaikos and Zeljko Obradovic is that club decided to have limited budget or at least lower than in previous seasons, and it is not enough for Zeljko Obradovic to complete competitive roster.

There are also several players who are free to go and it seems that they only waiting to see what will happen with coach Zeljko Obradovic.

Anadolu Efes wish to see Zeljko Obradovic on their bench and according to rumors they have offered blank check for him. It is just amazing.

Anadolu Efes is pretty disappointed with last season in Turkish Airlines Euroleague. They also failed in Turkish league as they expected to win Turkish league title.

It seems that financials are not problem for Anadolu Efes, and they just waiting for Zeljko Obradovic to decide.

So, let’s wait for official statements, and I am quite sure that we will not wait long to hear news about Zeljko Obradovic’s destiny.