Zagreb demolishes Red Star Belgrade

svetislav pesic red star belgrade

Few minutes before the end of game between Zagreb and Red Star Belgrade, one of TV commentators said: “it is getting unpleasant to watch this game.” So, even if you had no chance to watch this game, you may understand what kind of game it was.

I must admit that it was one of the ugliest games in ABA Adriatic league until now.

Zagreb beat Red Star Belgrade 102:85 (33:19, 31:19, 14:21, 24:26)

At front of 1500 spectators (official informations) I would rather say about 300-400, Zagreb proved that Red Star Belgrade have serious problems in this season.

After two technical fouls, referees sent coach Svetislav Pesic out. I am just wondering if Pesic will be joker after this game too. Why I am saying this? If you follow basketball, and especially ABA Adriatic league, you know that in last game when Red Star Belgrade beat Zlatorog Lasko, papers wrote about Pesic’s sense of humor, he said some jokes. Wooow, they won one of the worst teams in ABA Adriatic league and Pesic was happy as a small kid. What about tonight coach? Any new jokes???

If you watch Basketball games from coach’s position you always trying to analyze game. I am always trying to see some interesting things, ways of defense, solutions in offense. But, if you watch Red Star Belgrade you just get confused since there is no sense in their game.

What they do in offense and defense it is unknown. Actually, better say, they do not play defense, and motsly have only individual solutions in offense.

Sean May scored 24 points, Damir Mulaomerovic added 23 and Mario Kasun 20. In Red Star Belgrade, Adam Morrison scored 27, Andreja Milutinovic 15 and Bojan Subotic 10.

Another one game that Red Star Belgrade received over 100 points. In 6 games 526, 87,6 per game. Where is a defense, or better say, what is a defense?

Looking forward to hear explanations from coach Svetislav Pesic. Who knows, maybe we can expect his resignation. We will see.

However, it seems that this season will be another one tough season for Red and Whites.