Zadar unexpectedly demolished Cedevita in Game 6

bozidar maljkovic

I am sure that even in their worst nightmares, players of Cedevita Zagreb couldn’t imagine this situation. They lost game at home against Zadar with final score 83-67 in Game 6 of ABA Adriatic league.

I am very glad everytime when underdogs beat much expensive team. Team who invested much money in this roster and was announced as the main favorite in ABA Adriatic league.

Zadar dominated in the most of this very interesting game. Full domination in most of segments of Basketball game and the most important, free Basketball lessons to Coach Bozidar Maljkovic and his expensive roster.

Zadar came to +28, 1 and a half minutes before the end of third quarter. Team who play in Turkish Airlines Euroleague looked as 3rd league team comparing to Zadar.

Is it time for Maljkovic to leave?

After 0-3 in Turkish Airlines Euroleague and 4-2 in ABA Adriatic league is score that I am sure that any coach could produce with this expensive roster.

We will see. I am sure that people from Cedevita cannot be satisfied with results so far, but this defeat today could be good reason for some cuts.

Let’s get back to this game. In several moments I asked myself: “what the hell they doing at the practice?” No idea in offense, terrible shot percentage, game without efforts at all. And you want trophies? Give me a break.

On the other side, Zadar played fantastic defense, with 110% of engagement and with a lot of self-confidence.

Smart game in offense as they played very patiently and played as a team, without much individual actions.

Ante Delas led Zadar with 18 points, Franko Kastropil and Romeo Travis added 13 points each. Kastropil added 8 rebounds, Travis 6.

For Cedevita, Miro Bilan and Marques Green scored 14 points.

Congratulations to Zadar, Coach Ante Nazor and his players for this tremendous win.