What a shame for Partizan mt:s

vlada jovanovic partizan belgrade

After tremendous success in Turkish Airlines Euroleague game at Thursday evening, when Partizan mt:s beat EA7 Armani in fantastic game, Black and Whites did such a stupidity and lost from Zlatorog Lasko in Game 8 in ABA Adriatic league.

Yes, believe or not. Team which had no wins until tonight, won against Partizan mt:s 72:62 (23:18, 10:12, 14:14. 25:18).

Coach Vlade Jovanovic had an idea to relax Pekovic and keep him on the bench, believed that it will be an easy game against Zlatorog.

Partizan mt:s started this game with: Raduljica, Cakarevic, Lucic, Milosavljevic and Bozic. But it was obvious that Partizan mt:s without Pekovic is totally different team. Raduljica is simply not good enough to be quality substitution for Pekovic.

For Zlatorog, Vladimir Panic and Daniel Vujasinovic scored 20 points each. For Black and Whites, Vladimir Lucic and Miroslav Raduljica scored 12 points each.

I just can’t believe that after such fantastic game in Italy, coach Jovanovic couldn’t prepare his team for this game.

The main problem for Partizan mt:s in this game was in their heads. They believed that they will win this game easily. The truth is that Zlatorog were underdogs in this match, but many times proved that you shouldn’t underestimate your opponents.

I am always ready to blame coach Vlade Jovanovic for all bad things, and definitely he is guilty for this unexpected loss.

Coach Vlade Jovanovic said after this game: “we tried to save Pekovic and Law in this game due to slight injuries they got in game against Armani. We didn’t find good rhythm in this game. Our approach to this game was not good and it was hard to play against very stimulated opponent.”

Looking forward to read comments of Partizan mt:s fans on forums and discussion boards. I am sure that fans are pissed off with this loss against underdogs in this competition.

Finally, this was shameful performance for Partizan mt:s in this game