USA wins 2014 FIBA World Cup Gold medal

fiba world cup 2014 spain

Expectedly, USA proved its dominance in Final game of 2014 FIBA World Cup in Spain, and topped Serbia 129-92, and defended its FIBA World Cup title.

Not big surprise for the most of us, who followed USA team from the beginning of this World Cup, and realized their power and abilities.

From the first game, it became obvious that every team will have big problems or better say will be out of chances against USA team.

Probably the mein question is, what would happen if all the best players from NBA came to FIBA World Cup? Even without them, USA looked dominantly in every segment of Basketball game.

Serbia reached starts, as not many people even in Serbia didn’t believe that their players may reach high goals in Spain. They also missed several important players, but team spirit, Sasha Djordjevic as a coach, pushed them to the limits.

You can check some Highlights from this game, and enjoy as all we enjoyed in watching this game live last night.

Congrats to USA team for Gold medal, but congrats to Serbian team for Silver medal as well.