Turkish Airlines Euroleague Playoffs, Game 5

zeljko obradovic david blatt

Tonight we will know who will join FC Barcelona Regal, CSKA Moscow and Olympiacos for Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final 4 in Istanbul.

Only one game tonight, decisive game, between Panathinaikos and Maccabi Electra. Too bad, that we will lose one of these great teams for Final 4.

After four played games in this Match-up, score is 2:2, and as the most of us expected, this the most exciting Match-up will be decided in last, fifth game.

In Game 1, Panathinaikos topped Maccabi Electra 93:73, and after this game, some people believed that Panathinaikos will have easy goal to finsih this series. Of course, it wasn’t like that.

In just 2 days after Game 1, Maccabi Electra in excellent game, wins over Panathinaikos 94:92, after overtime. We may say that Maccabi Electra had luck in this game, but they play very good and deserves this win.

Both games, Game 1 and Game 2 were played in Athens, on Panathinaikos home court in OAKA Arena. After these two games, series moved in Israel, in Tel Aviv, in famous Nokia Arena.

After Maccabi Electra won in Game 2 in Athens, some people believed that Maccabi will use their chance and in next two games in Tel Aviv finish this series. Once agai, it wasn’t like that.

In Game 3, Maccabi Electra beat Panathinaikos 65:62, and they had 2:1 in this matchup. They were pretty close, they needed only one win more to book a ticket for Istanbul.

But, Panathinaikos had some different plans. in Game 4, Panathinaikos showed all their potentials and dominantly wins over Maccabi Electra 78:69 and moved series back to Athens for last and decisive Game 5.

At the beginning of this Quarterfinals phase I said that this Match-up between Panathinaikos and Maccabi Electra will be the most interesting and I was sure that we will watch all five games.

What to say for tonight? If you ask me, chances are 50:50. Panathinaikos will have outstanding support of their fans in sold-out OAKA Arena, but I am sure that Maccabi Electra will not surrender.

David Blatt after his team lost in Game 4 said: “That defeat is behind us, there is no reason to cry. We are focused on this Game 5. Start of this game could be a key. There is no doubt that Panathinaikos but their fans too, will start this game with a lot of enthusiasm. They will try to finish this game as soon as possible, and it is on us to stop them.”

Dimitris Itoudis, assistant coach of Panathinaikos said: “We are European Champions and I am sure that we will have an opportunity to defend this trophy in Istanbul. It costs us a lot defeat in Game 3, but we learned our lesson. Now we are ready for that last but the toughest step to Final 4.”

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