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The NBA free agency is an exciting time for basketball fans around the world. The future of next season is in the hands of these next couple of weeks. Your favorite team may be getting rid of some of your favorite players or perhaps adding some amazing talent that will hopefully take you one step closer to the NBA Finals. Top players are being wined and dined all over, in order to hopefully persuade them to join their team. In the next few days, most of the big names still out there will most likely be be off the table. That being said, it is crucial to have a source of news in order to keep you up to date on all the trades, rumors, and deals being made. Currently some of the top buzz in the NBA revolves around Paul George, Kyle Lowry, Chris Paul, and Gordon Hayward.

CBS Sports APP

There are many different ways to hear about all the gossip currently occurring in today’s NBA. Whether it is from a friend filling you up on what is going on or you just simply watching the sports network once you get home from work, it is no secret to find out the latest and greatest in sports. However, what if you did not have to wait to hear the news from somebody else? What if you could take matters into your own hands and be the first to know what is going on? The solution is hear! CBS Sports has an amazing mobile application available for smartphones that will let you have all your sports news and more available on your mobile devices and more importantly on the go! Whether you are at work, in a movie, or even stuck in traffic , the CBS Sports app will update and alert you on what is going on at all times. The best part is that you are in control, with the fully customizable aspect that the top Android and IOS sports app offers.

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Although the app is a perfect tool for staying on top of all the craziness during the free agency, it is even more useful during the actual NBA season. The app has a large variety of useful features, such as live streaming of all your favorite games, up to date scores, news and stats, and even live podcasts. The app is a perfect tool for a true sports fan that wants to be in the know of what is happening. You will never miss another moment again with this app equipped to your smartphone. As i mentioned before, the app allows you to fully customize your feed. Choose who and what you want to hear about and leave the rest aside. The app is not only limited to the NBA, enjoy college and even international basketball as well!

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