The Best Bets to Win the Men’s NCAA Basketball Championship

ncaa basketball

March Madness is upon us, which can only mean one thing: it’s time to take a closer look at some of the top teams in men’s college basketball and figure out if they’re a smart bet to win the title. Here are three of the futures NCAA bets I love for selecting the 2013 men’s college basketball national champion.

Duke: 5/2 Odds

It’s been a particularly crazy year for college basketball, with plenty of dramatic upset victories and wild buzzer-beating shots. These years come around once in a while, and they usually happen because of a lack of dominant or elite teams. No one team has stood out this season in college basketball, which makes the tourney as up-for-grabs as it’s ever been. You know the types of teams that thrive in that scenario? Veteran, well-coached ones, and Duke is both. They’re not the fun pick, but their three best players are all seniors (Seth Curry, Mason Plumlee and Ryan Kelly), and that kind of experience matters in March.

Georgetown: 12/1 Odds

No team surged into the attention of the college basketball world faster this season than Georgetown. Nobody thought they’d do much of anything at the beginning of the season, but they ended the year as one of the most physical and defensive-minded teams in the country, going 6-1 against AP-ranked teams. They may not have the veteran seasoning of Duke, but there’s nobody tougher than the Hoyas in college basketball right now.

Kansas: 15/1 Odds

This seems like awfully low NCAA odds for a team with two Wooden Award finalists (freshman phenom Ben McLemore, one of the most athletic players in the country, and Tyler Withey, one of the best big men and paint defenders) and one of the most storied programs in history. Betting on Kansas at 15/1 basketball odds is like picking the Yankees as an underdog; those are odds that are pretty tough to pass up.

These are just three of my favorite futures College Basketball Betting Bets for the upcoming March Madness tournament. There’s no better way to support a team (and maybe make a little dough in the process) than to wager a couple of bucks on a school to win it all at the Big Dance.