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Montenegro finished Qualifications with perfect score

luka pavicevic

It is over, Qualifications for EuroBasket 2013 in Slovenia with Game 10 and several decisive games are closed. Finally, we have list of National teams who qualified to EuroBasket 2013, but I must point to one National team, Montenegro. After

Montenegro topped Serbia again in Qualifications

luka pavicevic

Montenegro remain unbeaten team in Group A after 7 games as they wins over Serbia for the second time in Qualifications for EuroBasket 2013 in Slovenia. With this win National team of Montenegro improved to perfect score of 7 wins

Siroki lost against Union Olimpija due to 24 turnovers

saso filipovski union olimpija

Games like this one are one of the reasons why I do not bet. Every time when I am so sure that one team will win, usually they lose. With 24 turnovers, Siroki couldn’t expect to win very good team