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Game 4 of 2012-13 Turkish Airlines Euroleague Playoffs

turkish airlines euroleague

With one game today, Game 4 in Turkish Airlines Euroleague Playoffs will start. At 20.45 CET, Panathinaikos will host FC Barcelona Regal. Two games tomorrow, Friday, April 19, as Anadolu Efes will host Olympiacos Piraeus at 19.00 CET and Caja

Panathinaikos qualified to Euroleague Final 4

dimitris diamantidis panathinaikos

In excellent game in sold out OAKA Arena in Athens, Panathinaikos wins over Maccabi Electra 86:85 and booked last ticket for Final 4 in Istanbul. With this game, Turkish Airlines Euroleague Playoffs phase is over and all four contestants for

Turkish Airlines Euroleague Playoffs, Game 5

zeljko obradovic david blatt

Tonight we will know who will join FC Barcelona Regal, CSKA Moscow and Olympiacos for Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final 4 in Istanbul. Only one game tonight, decisive game, between Panathinaikos and Maccabi Electra. Too bad, that we will lose one

CSKA and Olympiacos joined FC Barcelona Regal in Final 4

nenad krstic cska moscow

Now we have three teams that booked its tickets for Final four of Turkish Airlines Euroleague in Istanbul. FC Regal Barcelona, CSKA Moscow and Olympiacos. There is another one place, and we need to wait for Game 5 and see

Turkish Airlines Euroleague Playoffs, Game 4

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With game Maccabi Electra vs. Panathinakos today, and tomorrow Match-ups between Gescrap BB and CSKA Moscow, and Olympiacos vs. Montepaschi Siena, Turkish Airlines Euroleague Playoffs Game 4 will be played. FC Barcelona Regal is the only one team already qualified

Gescrap BB survived as they topped CSKA Moscow

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First I have to apologize to Gescrap since I sad that they have no chance in Game 3 and that I believe that CSKA Moscow will easily cruise over them and qualify to Final 4 with 3:0. What a wonderful

FC Barcelona Regal qualified to Euroleague Final four

juan carlos navarro barcelona regal

After last night win against Unics, FC Barcelona Regal is first team which qualified to Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final four in Istanbul. This will be 12th time for FC Barcelona Regal to play on Final four in club history, and

Turkish Airlines Euroleague Playoffs, Game 3

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After games today and tomorrow, it is possible to have two teams already qualified for Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final four in Istanbul, Turkey. CSKA Moscow and FC Barcelona Regal needs only one win to be one of four competitiors who

Montepaschi Siena fans called Dusan Ivkovic “Serbian murderer”

dusan ivkovic

All we know that sometimes sport fans are pretty rude, aggressive, provocative, but things went too far in Game 2 of Turkish Airlines Euroleague playoffs. Dusan Ivkovic, Serbian coach, head coach of Olympiacos said: “They called me a Serbian murderer

Maccabi Electra wins in Game 2, series tied 1-1

team maccabi electra

In fantastic game in OAKA Arena, Maccabi Electra wins against Panathinaikos. We couldn’t imagine better situation, and I am sure that we will enjoy even more in next games of this Match-up. Both teams played well and games was decided

Turkish Airlines Euroleague Playoffs, Game 2

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With two games today and two games tomorrow, excitements in Turkish Airlines Euroleague Playoffs will continue in Game 2. As you know Game 1 finished yesterday with two games. There were not much surprises in these four Match-ups in Game

Panathinaikos wins in Game 1 against Maccabi Electra

panathinaikos vs. maccabi electra

Match-up expected to be the most interesting one in Turkish Airlines Euroleague Playoffs, started pretty good for Panathinaikos and their coach Zeljko Obradovic. I am sure that no one expected such an easy win for Panathinaikos in Game 1. Maccabi