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ABA Adriatic league comedy continues

aba adriatic league

As it is announced on Official website of ABA Adriatic league, board decided that Final 4 tournament will be played in Laktasi, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Or maybe not? Several Serbian sources announced statement of Roman Lisac who said that it

ABA Adriatic league Final 4, destination unknown

aba adriatic league

Scheduled for April 25 – 27, it is still unknown where Final 4 tournament in ABA Adriatic league will be played. It is another one failure of ABA Adriatic league board after shameful mess they caused with wrong interpretation of

MZT Skopje officially in ABA Adriatic league next season

todor gecevski

As we already wrote few days ago that people from MZT Skopje expect to join ABA Adriatic league in next season, it is finally confirmed today. According to Saso Bosilkov president of MZT Skopje, agreement has been reached at meeting