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Dusan Ivkovic announced preliminary list for EuroBasket

dusan ivkovic serbia national team coach

As it was announced, Dusan Ivkovic head coach of National team of Serbia, announced today his preliminary list of players for EuroBasket 2013 in Slovenia. There are some changes and surprises on this list, even it is preliminary, it will

Crvena Zvezda Telekom survived against Mega Vizura

igor rakocevic

Great Basketball evening in Belgrade, as about 4.500 spectators really enjoyed in great game between Crvena Zvezda Telekom and Mega Vizura. Crvena Zvezda Telekom celebrated 84-78, but Mega Vizura was so close to make surprise in road game. Both teams

Dusan Ivkovic in big troubles due to injuries

dusan ivkovic serbia national team coach

Probably that Dusan Ivkovic even in his worst nightmares didn’t expect such situation. Beside that two players didn’t even show up, there are also a lot of injury problems. As we already wrote few days ago, Milovan Rakovic and Miroslav

Dusan Ivkovic narrowed list of National team players to 21

dusan ivkovic serbia national team coach

Dusan Ivkovic, coach of National team of Serbia facing big troubles with players’ injuries in last several days. He narrowed list to 21 players. Even this list is not final list, it seems that Novica Velickovic, Stefan Markovic and Kosta

Real Madrid cancelled contract with Novica Velickovic

novica velickovic real madrid

Novica Velickovic is not player of Real Madrid anymore. Real Madrid uses clause from contract and cancelled agreement, so Novica Velickovic is free agent. Beside Serbian player, another one player became free agent, it is Croatian player Ante Tomic. It

Dusan Ivkovic named 24 players for Eurobasket 2013 qualifications

dusan ivkovic serbia national team coach

As it is announced today, Dusan Ivkovic Head coach of Serbian National team named 24 players for preparation for Eurobasket 2013 qualifications. This list of 24 names will be narrowed at June 25, when Dusan Ivkovic will choose 18 names

Novica Velickovic led Real Madrid to win in Game 4

novica velickovic real madrid

Even Caja Laboral started Game 4 much better and dominated under baskets, Real Madrid especially in second half dominated in three-point shots. Novica Velickovc led Real Madrid with 22 points and it seems that after he finally got chance, he

Dusan Ivkovic, a friend of black days

dusan ivkovic

I don’t know what is left to say about Dusan Ivkovic. One can fairly say that, even if he had retired five years ago, still he would have one of the top levels at the list of best coaches in

Novica Velickovic is not on Galatasaray wish list

oktay mahmuti galatasaray

Yesterday we wrote that according to some Turkish and Serbian media, Galatasaray is interested in Novica Velickovic. Galatasaray coach, Oktay Mahmuti said today that Novica Velickovic is not on their wish list and said that those rumors were wrong. Mahmuti

Galatasaray interested in Novica Velickovic

novica velickovic real madrid

As some of Serbian media announced, Turkish powerhouse Galatasaray is interested in Serbian National team player, Novica Velickovic. Currently playing for Real Madrid, Novica Velickovic didn’t have much playing time in last few seasons, especially when Ettore Messina coached Real

Novica Velickovic out of Serbia NT

Unfortunately after weeks of calculations and rumors, it is finally confirmed, Novica Velickovic will not play at EuroBasket 2011 in Lithuania. Real Madrid player came with injury at the begging of preparation for EuroBasket 2011 and he tried to regain

Messina quits Real Madrid bench

According to some internet media it seems that Real Madrid Head coach Ettore Messina resigned. We will wait for confirmation to see if this is true but according to some rumors after yesterdays terrible game and result, people from Basketball