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Eurocup 2013-14 regular season, Game 10

eurocup basketball

Here we are, it is time for last game in 2013-14 Eurocup regular season. It is decision time, and after this week games, we will know who will continue competition in the next stage, Last 32. There are still six

Eurocup 2013-14 regular season, Game 4

eurocup basketball

After three played games in 2013-14 Eurocup regular season, there are six teams that are still undefeated. At same time, even nine teams still looking for the first win in competition. Game 4 in Eurocup will start today with only

Eurocup 2013-14 regular season, Game 3

eurocup basketball

With eight games today, Eurocup regular season Game 3 will start. 16 more games will be played tomorrow, October 30. After two played games, there are 13 undefeated teams. At same time, 13 teams are still winless and will have