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ABA Adriatic league Final 4, destination unknown

aba adriatic league

Scheduled for April 25 – 27, it is still unknown where Final 4 tournament in ABA Adriatic league will be played. It is another one failure of ABA Adriatic league board after shameful mess they caused with wrong interpretation of

Ivkovic remain as Serbia NT coach

Serbian Basketball federation have a new president. It is Dragan Djilas. As a only one candidate for this position, Djilas has been chosen as new president of Serbian Basketball federation. As a first win on new position, Djilas announced yesterday

Ivkovic, to be or not to be

One of the most interesting stories these days in Serbian media is, will Dusan Ivkovic remain as a Head coach of Serbia national team. As you probably know, Ivkovic said that he will not coach Serbia NT anymore because of