Spain lost to avoid Semifinals against United States?

sergio scariolo

The whole Basketball World is buzzing this morning about this game as Spain unexpectedly lost from Brazil and will meet France in Quarterfinals instead of Argentina. In this way, they avoid United States in Semifinals.

Basketball fans are suspicious that Spain calculated in this game and lost just to avoid early clash with United States.

Is it possible on this level? I believe it is, but we cannot be sure in this rumors since no one will confirm it.

According to several statements from Spanish players and Coach Sergio Scariolo, it is not true. They just didn’t play well and Brazil deserves this win.

Coach Sergio Scariolo says: “Please, this is really – I don’t want to be disrespectful but this is not an intelligent issue to talk about.”

Pau Gasol added: “It doesn’t matter who we play. Quarter-finals is already tough, Argentina or France. We respect both. The way we are playing either one can beat us. Right now it’s not happening for us.”

Jose Calderon said: “This team always plays to win. Always. We’re never going to speculate about that. Never.”

So, this is what they said, but Basketball fans around the world are very disappointed with Spain and we will see what will happen.

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