Siroki lost against Union Olimpija due to 24 turnovers

saso filipovski union olimpija

Games like this one are one of the reasons why I do not bet. Every time when I am so sure that one team will win, usually they lose.

With 24 turnovers, Siroki couldn’t expect to win very good team as Union Olimpija was in this game today. Well controlled rhythm, gave another one win to Union Olimpija.

Siroki had kind of pressure in this game since they still had some chances to qualify to ABA Adriatic league Final 4 in Tel Aviv. Actually chances were pretty small.

Still can’t believe that Siroki played so bad today. Whole this season they played very good, and surprised much better teams than Union Olimpija.

Guests from Slovenia had very good percentage from the field, almost 70% 27/39, but terrible for three-point 1/11 9.1%.

For Siroki, Jakov Vladovic scored 17 points, Fran Pilepic 16 and Ivan Ramljak 10.

For Union Olimpija, Deon Thompson led his team with 19 points, Vladimir Dasic scored 13 and Jaka Blazic 11.

Maybe another one pressure for Siroki players was that new Head coach for Bosnia and Herzegovina National team, Aleksandar Petrovic was there and watched this game. He probably came to see if there are any potentials for Bosnia and Herzegovina National team.