Simplicity of modern basketball

I was watching several Basketball games in last 2-3 days and really enjoyed. There were mix of European and NBA, NCAA Basketball games.

From European basketball, I saw very interesting game from Spanish ACB league when Real beat Barcelona. Then, games from Serbian and Croatian championship. And finally NBA game Denver Nuggets – Minnesota Timberwolves, and NCAA final game.

When I thinking about Basketball, I am trying to keep it simple. I am sure that all of you coaches have several different offense combinations for any sort of defense. But, if you watch basketball these days, you must see that all teams, including top teams trying to keep it very simple. One or two screen, pick and roll, or of course pick and pop and in lot of situation it is enough.

Penetration and pass outside is something that every team play today. Of course it causes some problems to defense in rotation. However, it seems that 24 seconds is too long in modern basketball.

What is the reason? May we say that defense in modern basketball is not that good enough? No, I don’t think so. There is a problem with focus for some players, not enough patience to play some combinations, they just use first chance to shot. Even, in some moments when everybody expect long offense due to waste some time and keep result, we can see some players to rush.

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