Serbia won World Basketball Championship in 3-on-3

serbia 3-on-3 national team

Men’s National team of Serbia in 3-on-3 Basketball, won Gold medal in World Championship played in Athens, Greece.

Great success for Serbian Basketball players in 3-on-3 competition, as they played great during whole tournament and deserved this Gold medal and great honor.

Serbian National team in 3-on-3 Basketball in tough final game wins over France 16-13 which was dominated in rebounding.

Marko Savic, Dusan Domovic-Bulut, Marko Zdero i Milan Boskovic presented Serbia in this competition and proved that Basketball is the most popular sport in Serbia.

Even I am not fan of this 3-on-3 Basketball, there is no doubt that this is another one great success for Serbian Basketball as well.

Ukraine won Bronze medal as they topped Israel with 19-18 score.

In Women’s competition, USA topped France with final score of 17-16.

3-on-3 Basketball should be official sport at next Summer Olympic Games which will be played in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil at 2016.