Serbia with only three teams in ABA Adriatic league next season

aba adriatic league

The worst possible scenario came to reality. According to many statistic details and calculations, Serbia will have only three teams in ABA Adriatic league next season.

Tragedy. Don’t know which word will better describe this situation for Serbian Basketball at this moment. And as it seems, thing will be even worse.

Even not expected, Serbian teams had a pretty bad season in ABA Adriatic league, even all four teams had pretty good rosters, and all we expected much much more.

Except Partizan mt:s who will play Final four in Tel Aviv, Crvena Zvezda Diva, Radnicki and Hemofarm played bad in the most of this season and caused this situation.

At this moment, four Serbian teams won in 39 games and they have coefficient 9.75. At same, three Croatian teams have same number of wins 39, but coefficient 13.

Even many of Serbian coaches and people from Basketball in Serbia warned that we will lose one spot in ABA Adriatic league in next season, things not changed much.

If we take a look at standings right now, Hemofarm had terrible season and they are at 12th position with only 5 wins and even 16 losses. Crvena Zvezda Diva started pretty bad in this season as well, but after New year like they awake and started to play better.

At this moment they are at position 10 with 9 wins and 13 losses. Radnicki who is obviously in bad form in last few games is curently at position 9 with 10 wins and 11 losses.

Partizan mt:s is the only one team that represent Serbia in the best possible way. Partizan mt:s is on the position 3 with 15 wins and only 6 losses.