Scandal in ABA Adriatic league about regulations?

aba adriatic league

Unbelievable!!! Can you imagine situation that board of one of the most quality competitions in Europe, ABA Adriatic league, had no clue about regulations regarding who will play in Euroleague in next season?

There were a lot of rumors in last several days that people in Euroleague and ABA Adriatic league stated totally different versions.

But, teams already played 22 games in this season, yes 22 games, and it is still unclear who will book tickets for Euroleague next season.

There are 4 more games in this regular part of season, after that four top teams should play in Final 4.

With today’s statement Euroleague clearly clarified about qualification criteria for the clubs coming from the ABA League to participate in the 2013-14 Euroleague. Here is the full text.

It seems that people who run ABA Adriatic league had problems with translation at the beginning of the season.

Question is, if they deserve to run such an important competition if they are not able to understand basic rules of comeptition and other regulations.

Another question is, who will pay consequences for this, or better say, IF anyone will be responsible for this.

During the day, other informations came from Euroleague, as they trying to find the best solution which protects the sporting interests of the clubs participating in the 2012-13 ABA League.

Another statement today came from Igokea, leader in ABA Adriatic league, as they stated that they will ever consider to not play anymore in ABA Adriatic league.

Rumors, or how the ordinary Basketball fans see this situation, that Igokea is small club, from small place in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and this could be reason for this mess.

Maybe, ABA Adriatic league is not happy with great results of Igokea and possibility that Igokea will play Euroleague in next season if they keep first place in regular season.

We will see. I just know one thing, someone have to be responsible for this situation. Board of ABA Adriatic league should pay consequences and hopefully will be financially fined for this mess.