Santa Claus will bring NBA for Christmas?

nba lockout

According to some news form United States, there is a possibility that NBA season could start for Christmas, December 25.

As they stated next 72 hours are crucial in negotiations between players union and club owners.

If this happen, NBA teams will play 66 games in NBA season 2011/12.

If negotiations fail again Court in Minnesota will take care of this problem. For me, it seems that both sides just waiting for this, expecting that they will win in this process.

We in Europe, expected invasion of NBA players, since everyone believes that NBA season will be canceled after last negotiations failed few days ago.

What to say, I understand both sides in this process, but somehow I am on players side. I believe that club owners should accept players offers and everything could be solved a long time ago. But, we have owners, hungry for money and they don’t want to accept any money loss.

NBA fans also believes that players should decreased their requests since all they already earned a lot from NBA.

it is lose-lose situation, since everybody will lose in this season. Club owners already invested a lot, players will have their contracts shortened, NBA fans will watch less games, people involved in jobs around NBA will earn less, etc, etc…

Many European teams and even teams from China watching this situation carefully, and looking forward for final decision. There are many layers who waiting some “signals” from NBA lockout negotiations to move abroad. Brothers Gasol, Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Durant and many more.

Let’s wait for this weekend and hopefully we will have whole situation clear. We will see if Europe will become the most popular destination for NBA players.