Return of the Zen Master?

phil jackson

In last several days there were a lot of rumors, but it seems that even better rumors will come in next period. One of rumors that I really like, is possibility that Zen Master, Phil Jackson will be back.

Definitely one of the best NBA coaches, or better say one of the best coaches in the world, Phil Jackson according to some rumors from United States could be new Head coach of New York Knicks.

Two days ago we wrote about resignation of Mike D’Antoni from New York Knicks bench, and just after that some media speculates about possible successor.

It seems that one of candidates in Phil Jackson, popular Zen Master, coach with 11 NBA rings, and I must add, one of my favorite coaches.

For a years, under Coach Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and company terrorized NBA league, and were almost unbeatable. That was golden era of Chicago Bulls. Most of Basketball fans agrees that this era was the best and the most quality Basketball period ever.

After successful period in Chicago Bulls, he started new era with Los Angeles Lakers. This time Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal and company dominated in NBA league, again under Zen Master, Phil Jackson.

We need to wait what will happen in following day, but once again I must say that I am so glad if Phil Jackson will come back.