Real Madrid cancelled contract with Novica Velickovic

novica velickovic real madrid

Novica Velickovic is not player of Real Madrid anymore. Real Madrid uses clause from contract and cancelled agreement, so Novica Velickovic is free agent.

Beside Serbian player, another one player became free agent, it is Croatian player Ante Tomic. It seems that Real Madrid make some calculations for new transfers.

Novica Velickovic will not keep Real Madrid in pretty good memories since his career in Spanish powerhouse were marked with injuries and not much playing time.

Especially during Ettore Messina rule, Novica Velickovic or didn’t played at all or had few minutes. It wasn’t expected for such potential as he was three years ago.

Now, there are very many rumors about Velickovic, but we will wait to see what will happen. Partizan mt:s would like to see him back to Partizan mt:s together with coach Dusko Vujosevic who is back and signed 3-year deal.