Ranko Zeravica, ABA Adriatic league to breakup

ranko zeravica

One of the best and most successful Serbian Basketball coaches, Ranko Zeravica after rumors that Serbia will have only three teams in ABA Adriatic league in next season said that ABA Adriatic league is about to breakup.

Ranko Zeravica believes that Serbian teams should leave ABA Adriatic league and focus more on domestic Serbian league.

In last several years there were a lot of arguing in Serbia between coaches about ABA Adriatic league. Some of them believes that Serbia should take a part of this competition.

On the other hand, there were also a lot of coaches and people from Basketball who stated that ABA Adriatic league is against Serbian Basketball. That Serbian teams lose more than they get with playing in this competition.

Experienced Serbian coach said that Serbian teams have no good status in ABA Adriatic league, and that they should together with Cibona withdraw from competitions.

Zeravica continues: “I believe that teams could play this league but at the end of domestic seasons, something like Playoff.” He also added: “Croats complains, but where are their teams, Zadar and Split? Is it normal that Split as Ex European champion lose against Krizevci?”

Ranko Zeravica in his reach career coached many teams as Partizan, FC Barcelona, KK Pula, Crvena Zvezda, CAI Zaragoza and many more.

As coach of Yugoslav National team gold medals in 1980 Olympics and 1970 World Championship, silver medals at 1968 Olympics, 1967 World Championship, 1969 European Championship and 1971 European Championship and bronze in the 1982 World Championship.

If someone with such coaching experience says that ABA Adriatic league will breakup, and that Serbian teams should withdraw, than things are pretty serious, it seems.

Opinions are pretty divided on some discussion board since fans are interested how Serbian teams will reach European competitions without ABA Adriatic league.

But obviously, that this shouldn’t be a problem, since Serbian teams could reach European competitions through Serbian domestic league.

Photo: mondo.rs