Radnicki without chances for Eurocup

radnicki kragujevac demolishes tbb trier in great basketball game

Last night in Game 25 of ABA Adriatic league, Krka defeated Radnicki in Novo Mesto, 73:69 (21:29, 16:15, 12:13, 24:12).

With this defeat, Radnicki lost all chances to qualify to play Eurocup in next season. This was one of goals for Radnicki in this season, and obviously they failed.

After game coach Miroslav Nikolic said that his team were better in first three quarters, but unfortunately, in last quarter they scored only 12 points and Krka won in this game.

It is unbelievable that Radnicki lost in this game, since they were in lead during almost whole game, actually until 38th minute.

Miroslav Nikolic said for Serbian media: “We are in big problems, which will maybe be solved when I leave club. After that there will not be high ambitions. We didn’t get salaries for seven months. It is hard fro players to play, but they play, probably because of my authority or respect.”

He continues: “Dragic scored 3-pointer which is hard to score, and it was fatal for us.Too bad for us, we have no chance for Eurocup anymore. Krka have interesting team, they have small sport hall, but they are well organized club. They having their salaries at the time, and it is big difference.”

Zoran Dragic led Krka with 21 points and 9 rebounds. Smiljan Pavic scored 11 points and grabbed 7 rebounds, and Mustafa Abdul Hamid scored 10 points.

For Radnicki, Michael Scott scored 21 points and David Simon added 15 points.

Fans of Radnicki are pretty disappointed and you may read their posts on Serbian discussion boards and most of them believes that coach Nikolic should leave club. We will see what will happen in next days.