Philadelphia 76ers Succeed

By Aaron Golden

After trailing the Knicks in the playoff rankings for virtually the whole season, the 76ers finally became the 6th seed. The 76ers have shown great potential through the duration of the season and could be a formidable team come playoff time. The 76ers don’t necessarily have any great all-stars, but they certainly have some standout players.

First off, Elton Brand, a once fallen player, has reestablished himself back into the league. With this being his third year on the sixers, Brand has shown some real improvement. Although not as good as he once was, Elton Brand has done a good job assimilating to this team. Brand is an efficient all around player making him a lead contributor to the team’s success this year. In addition, Andre Iguodala has been solid all year. He produces nice numbers in just about every stat and has an extremely high, assist to turnover ratio. Iguodala’s efficiency on the court also helps make the sixers a good team. Lastly, the 76ers have very good young talent. Jrue Holiday and Louis Williams have both played very well at the point guard position this year. Overall, the sixers have a bunch of versatile players that mix really well together. Each player complements the other extremely well and that leads to their success. (Hanesbrands Inc.)