Partizan mt:s wins over Crvena Zvezda Diva in Game 3

partizan mt:s celebrates

In Game 3 of Serbian Super league finals, Partizan mt:s topped Crvena Zvezda Diva after not so good game. Black and whites won with final score of 78:72.

After Game 3, Partizan mt:s lead with 2:1. Next game will be played at Friday, June 15, and we will see if Partizan mt:s will celebrate another one trophy, or we will wait for Game 5.

Quite nervous game in first 20 minutes even we expected that Partizan mt:s should be more nervous and play more under pressure. It seems that Crvena Zvezda Diva all had big pressure.

The biggest surprise at the beginning of the game was that Dominic James was even starter even it was announced that he could miss Game 3 and should be ready for Game 4 due injury.

Part of tactics or who knows. He was there and played well.

I expected more from Crvena Zvezda Diva in first half, and I believed that they will use more positive energy from Game 2.

It was obvious that Partizan mt:s had good analyses of Game 2 as they fixed many problems they had in that game.

Once again, fantastic atmosphere in Pionir Arena this time created by Partizan mt:s fans mostly. Well crowded Pionir arena was sixth player for Black and whites.

Crvena Zvezda Diva had pretty bad percentage for 2 and 3 points and this is pretty common for them in this season.

After first 20 minutes Partizan mt:s had +10, 47:37 and I knew one thing, Crvena Zvezda Diva will not have any chance if they not change their game in second half.

Pretty same situation in third quarter, pretty bad game for Crvena Zvezda Diva, and Partizan mt:s finished third quarter with +14, 62:48.

I was watching this third quarter and asked myself several times what the hell Crvena Zvezda Diva players did in last few days after Game 2? Where is energy and self-confidence from Game?

I am very curious if they practice shooting at all? It is quite strange that team at this level have so bad shooting percentage in such important phase of competition.

For me, this game was over even after first twenty minutes. It was obvious that Crvena Zvezda Diva came to this game totally out of form and concentration, even most of us believed that this could be very interesting game to watch.

Much better game for Crvena Zvezda Diva in last quarter but not enough to win. They played well, much better in defense and this was how they should play whole game.

Vladimir Lucic led Partizan mt:s with great performance. He scored 19 points, grabbed 6 rebounds, and had 4 assists. Milan Macvan scored 12 points and Dominic James added 11 points.

In Crvena Zvezda Diva, Bojan Popovic scored 14 points, Mile Ilic added 12 and Vuk Radivojevic scored 9 points.

So, Friday, June 15, Game 4, and lets see if we will have Serbian Super league Champion or we will need to wait Game 5 for final decision.