Partizan mt:s testing Mexican and Argentinian players

dusko vujosevic

Partizan mt:s started preparation for upcoming season with new, drastically changed roster as some of older players left team, and several young talents already signed contracts.

One Mexican player already joined practices with Partizan mt:s and will try to prove himself and get contract. His name is Jorge Gutierrez.

Tomorrow, another one player should join Partizan mt:s and practice some time. It is Argentinian player Matias Bortolin.

Partizan mt:s already collected several young and talented players for upcoming season, but it is obvious that they are still in search for more talents and even experienced players as well.

Coach Dusko Vujosevic said that it is new beginning for Partizan mt:s and that they planning to build a team for future.

I am sure that Vujosevic knows how to build team, and it won’t be the first time in his great coaching career to start from beginning.