Partizan mt:s still waiting Dominic James

dominic james

It is obvious that things about Dominic James and his new contract with Partizan mt:s not going as well as everybody in Partizan mt:s expected.

His previous club, Aris, still didn’t send letter of clearance which is necessary for him to may sign contract with anothe team, in this case with Partizan mt:s Belgrade.

According to  Dragan Todoric, sports director in Partizan mt:s “it is obvious that Aris is not willing to send letter of clearance for Dominic. There is a deadline at January 31. After this date, FIBA will be responsible for this case, and we hope so that it will be solved positive for us.”

After game in Novo Mesto when Partizan mt:s defeated Krka, there were a lot of questions about James from Slovenian media.

So, we just have to wait to see how this situation will be solved. In case that FIBA decide that James is free agent and may sign new contract, Partizan mt:s will get one good player, which will help them a lot in ABA Adriatic league as well in domestic Serbian championship and National Cup competition.