Partizan mt:s had more luck in game against Cedevita

vladimir lucic

In Game 23 in ABA Adriatic league, Partizan mt:s celebrated in Zagreb, in game against Cedevita. Final score was 77-76. In game where Cedevita played better in 99% of game, Partizan mt:s had more luck.

If Aleksandar Petrovic remain as Head coach of Cedevita after this defeat, it would be signal that people in Cedevita have no clue about Basketball.

Game between two teams who had goals to qualify to ABA Adriatic league Final 4. If you ask me, none of these two teams deserved to play in Final 4.

This game today, was terrible. Such a lack of ideas in offense and terrible defense on both sides.

After first 20 minutes, Cedevita had +9, 35-26. Result after first 10 minutes was, 14-10. What to say, good result, for U14 teams.

Partizan mt:s scored 10 points in first 10 minutes. Well done guys, was it tough? Team who played Euroleague regular season, demonstrated lousy Basketball.

Cedevita just had a little more luck. Their game wasn’t perfect, but at least their shooting percentage was better.

Coach Aleksandar Petrovic got technical foul after he complained on almost all calls from referees. Very unnecessary technical foul.

All in all, first half was a pretty bad, and I was hoping that we will see much better game in second half.

On moments better game in third quarter on both sides, but still with a lot of ups and downs, especially for Black and whites.

When you miss three easy lay-ups in one offense than you have no reason to hope for good result. It was unbelievable, how many easy and wide-open shots Partizan mt:s missed.

Third quarter finished with 54-48, still +6 for Cedevita despite not good game.

Still confused game in last quarter. Cedevita get in foul trouble, as their two centers were benched due to five personal fouls.

I couldn’t believe that Cedevita lost this game after they had 73-67, in last minute and half. What a confusion and what mistakes, unbelievable.

Partizan mt:s should be grateful to Cedevita. In case that they played against better team today, they would be demolished with +30, easily.

At least, Black and whites should send some flowers to coach Aleksandar Petrovic and express gratitude for such a gift.

Davis Bertans and Vladimir Lucic led Partizan mt:s with 18 points each, Leo Westermann scored 13 points and Djordje Gagic added 12.

In Cedevita, Marko Tomas in great role scored 26 points, Bracey Wright scored 14 points and Goran Suton added 13 points.