Partizan mt:s expect tough game in Istanbul

partizan mts anadolu efes

Tomorrow, Wednesday, November 23, Anadolu Efes will host Partizan mt:s Belgrade in game 6 of Turkish Airlines Euroleague.

In game 1, at the beginning of Turkish Airlines Euroleague season, Anadolu Efes beat Partizan mt:s in very good match in Belgrade.

Is it time for revenge? We will see. If we compare current situation, Anadolu Efes have 2 wins and 3 losses, which is pretty unexpected for Turkish team. One of their goals in this season is to reach Final 4.

Partizan mt:s I may say unexpectedly have a better score than Anadolu Efes, 3 wins and 2 losses. Very important win they have reached in last game in Italy, when Partizan mt:s beat EA7 Armani.

Just 2 days after that fantastic game, they lost in ABA Adriatic league against Zlatorog, winless team until that game. Coach Vlade Jovanovic said: “We lost this game beacuse we were tired from game against EA7 Armani. At same time Nikola Pekovic and Acie Law, who didn’t play the most of this game against Zlatorog got slight injuries in game against Armani.”

Hopefully, players and coach learned some lessons from this loss against Zlatorog. This game in Istanbul is very important for both teams, maybe even more important for Anadolu Efes, since they play at home, and because of high expectations from this team in this season.

With this win, Partizan mt:s will be pretty close to Top 16 phase, which is main goal in this season. Maybe, it is still too early to talk about it, but not much free space for mistakes.

In game in Belgrade for Anadolu Efes Tarence Kinsey and Dusko Savanovic were best scorers for Turkish team. For Partizan mt:s of course, Nikola Pekovic and Milan Macvan played outstanding role.

However, this will be very interesting game to watch. Even, I would like to see another one win for Partizan mt:s this will be a tough mission in Istanbul.

Coach Vlade Jovanovic said: “With win in Milano, we didn’t finish our job. I don’t want to talk about calculations how many wins more we need for Top 16. We will try to do our best in this game.”

Just to remind you that you may watch Anadolu Efes – Partizan mt:s LIVE on platform, together with all other games LIVE or On Demand.