Partizan mt:s dominated over Buducnost VOLI

dusko vujosevic

Game between Buducnost VOLI and Partizan mt:s expected to be one of the most interesting and most quality games in Game 5 of ABA Adriatic league.

Too bad that Hooligans were in focus. I don’t want to write too much about this since I don’t want to give any publicity to Hooligans.

Game was late for about 30 minutes because of serious incident caused by Hooligans in Moraca Sport hall in Podgorica.

This was important game for Buducnost VOLI since they started this season unexpectedly bad. They had score of 2 wins and 2 losses.

They were hoping that crowded Moraca Sport hall could be their sixth player in this game. To be honest, Partizan mt:s also had a lot of supporters on this game.

Partizan mt:s started this game much better even Coach Dusko Vujosevic got technical foul just after 50 seconds of the game. Amazing, huh? Not sure if I remember any faster Technical foul.

Game was pretty nervous and it seems that incidents before game caused that players were also nervous and pretty aggresive.

I was just hoping that this game will be finished without any other incidents, and that we will enjoy in this game.

After first 10 minutes of game, Partizan mt:s were up by 13 points, 9-22. Much better game for Partizan mt:s players, well organized in offense.

Buducnost VOLI couldn’t find real way how to be strong opponent to Black and whites, even they won second quarter with 22-20. After first 20 minutes, score was 31-42.

Not much changed in second half as Buducnost VOLI couldn’t find their game, and everything they tried, it wasn’t simply good enough.

Partizan mt:s played good defense and in offense used tall players to score. Buducnost VOLI tried with some individual combinations to do something, but without much success.

Partizan mt:s came to +20 just 20 seconds before end of third quarter. Result in third quarter was 14-21, in total after first 30 minutes 45-63.

Last quarter didn’t bring anything good to Buducnost VOLI. +23 for Partizan mt:s after two minutes in last quarter. Final score was 62-81.

For winners, team captain Vladimir Lucic scored 18 points, Leo Westermann scored 13 points, Dejan Musli and Davis Bertans added 10 points each.

For Buducnost VOLI, Aleksa Popovic scored 16 points, Gerald Lee and Cedomir Vitkovac scored 13 points each.

As conclusion, I may say that Partizan mt:s outplayed Buducnost VOLI in all Basketball segments in this game, and didn’t give them any hope.

With this win, Partizan mt:s improved to score of four wins and only one loss. Buducnost VOLI dropped to score of 2 wins and 3 losses, and it is pretty bad start for Montenegrin team in this season of ABA Adriatic league.