Partizan mt:s and Petar Bozic parted ways

petar bozic

After eight seasons in black and white jersey and eighteen trophies, Petar Bozic and Partizan mt:s parted ways.

According to Dragan Todoric, Partizan mt:s sports director, club decided to go with young players and as it was expected Petar Bozic will leave club as he wants to play two more years.

Dragan Todoric added, that Petar Bozic will be always very welcome as there were rumors that he will stay in Partizan mt:s as one of assistant coaches.

One of the most popular players to Partizan mt:s fans, team captain, populary called “trophy lifter” as he won 18 trophies in eight season with Partizan mt:s still don’t know where he will continue his career.

In last few weeks a lot of rumors said that Rasko Katic, Petar Bozic and Dusan Kecman will not stay in club anymore, as Dusko Vujosevic decided to build the team for future and focus on young talented players.

Rasko Katic will not extend his contract with Partizan mt:s and it is still unclear situation with Dusan Kecman as he is on vacation and haven’t talked yet with people from club.

Feelings are very mixed, it is good idea to have young roster and build team for future and I am sure that Dusko Vujosevic will succeed in this.

On the other hand, I am sad that Rasko Katic, Petar Bozic and probably Dusan Kecman as well will not wear black and white jersey anymore.

But it is reality. Young talented players are coming, but we cannot forget what those old players did for Partizan mt:s.