Omar Thomas attacked in night club in Belgrade

omar thomas

This is one of news that I am pissed off each time when I hear something like this. Omar Thomas, Crvena Zvezda Diva player attacked in Belgrade.

According to Serbian sources, Omar Thomas and his friend from United States came to night club “Plastik” Wednesday evening.

It seems that there were some provocations from the first moment when they came. After some verbal provocations, 6-7 guys attacked Thomas.

According to sources, these guys used bottle and some other things to beat Thomas. After that, Thomas was taken to hospital.

There are some different versions of this story, and I really hope so that we will find out why Omar Thomas was attacked.

Some media announced that his teammate Nemanja Nedovic was also there and Partizan mt:s player Dominic James. It seems that Nemanja Nedovic and guys from security helped and stopped even bigger incident.

It is shame that things like this happen to some athlete, it doesn’t matter for which club Omar Thomas play.

Hopefully, police will do their part of job, investigate this shameful attack and I hope so that we will have more informations soon.

On the other hand, there are people who asked what professional athlete doing so late in night club? Shouldn’t they have some rules in the club for professional athletes?

We wish to Omar Thomas to recovery as soon as possible, because his team Crvena Zvezda Diva need him in following games in Serbian Super league.