Olympiacos crowned fantastic season with Greek league title

dusan ivkovic

Olympiacos couldn’t imagine better end of season, or better say tremendous season, one of the most successful seasons in their history.

In Game 5, last and decisive game of Greek league finals, Olympiacos wins over Panathinaikos 82:76 (24:20, 24:16, 22:20, 12:20) and crowned this season with another one trophy.

I must say that not much people believed that Olympiacos could possible have such great and successful season. But, they surprised all of us.

Not much people gave them any chance in Turkish Airlines Euroleague, but they proved that it is not all about predictions. Hard work, discipline and of course genius coach, Dusan Ivkovic.

After Panathinaikos won Greek Cup title, all we knew that we can expect same Match-up in Greek league finals and it was just question who will have more luck this time.

Let’s get back to this Game 5. In fantastic and very explosive atmosphere in SEF Arena, Olympiacos played fantastic game, and beat Panathinaikos in most of segments of Basketball game.

Coach Zeljko Obradovic in some moments of this last game simply couldn’t believe what his players doing on the court. Honestly, they looked pretty confused, and like they already finished this season in their heads.

Obviously, home court was big advantage for both teams in this final series, so it looked like impossible that Panathinaikos could surprise Olympiacos in this game.

Panathinaikos tried, and few times they were close, but Olympiacos players didn’t allow them to take a lead.

I believe it is quite irrelevant to write about scorers in this game, but I must say few things. Vassilis Spanoulis played another one great game, he scored 24 points and led his team to this trophy.

Many times confirmed in this season that duo Dusan Ivkovic as coach and Vassilis Spanoulis as leader on the court is winning combination.

Dusan Ivkovic many times described from some people in Serbia as too old coach, proved that he is still between top coaches in Europe, beside Zeljko Obradovic od course.

It was great to see two Serbian coaches in Greek finals, and one Serbian player, Marko Keselj who won his first Euroleague title.

Acie Law, one of the most valuable players in Olympiacos in last few months, after he left Partizan mt:s many fans blamed him for some bad performance, but he couldn’t make better decision, he came to Olympiacos and won two trophies.

Finally, I would like to congratulate Olympiacos for fantastic season, especially to coach Dusan Ivkovic and Marko Keselj and of course to all other players as well.

It will be interesting what will happen in Panathinakos since we already wrote about numerous rumors about destiny of Zeljko Obradovic.