Oklahoma City Thunder beat Miami Heat in Game 1 of NBA finals

lebron james kevin durant

Kevin Durant led his Oklahoma City Thunder to win over Miami Heat in Game 1 of NBA league finals. Show that all we expected just begun, and hopefully it will last all 7 games.

Many people from Basketball, even before start of this season said that Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder could face each other in NBA finals.

They also said that if this happen, then probably they will play all seven games. So, this could be, and I really hope so that it will.

Great game, and most of us after three quarters believed that Miami Heat will win and start this series with 1:0.

But, Kevin Durant decided to change things and with 17 points in last quarter demonstrates how all teams should play that last quarter.

We couldn’t imagine best start of this final series, and I am sure that Miami Heat will use all potentials to even to 1:1 in Game 2.

Kevin Durant led his team with 36 points and Russell Westbrook, who had 27 points of his own.

In Miami Heat, LeBron James scored 30 points and Dwyane Wade added 19.

Oklahoma City Thunder coach Scott Brooks said: “I did tell Kevin at one part of the third quarter — a few times — that he had to be more aggressive in his set-ups.”

He continues: “They were switching, they were denying, they were forcing him to catch the ball at a place that we’re not comfortable with.”

Photo: usatoday.com