No deal in NBA talks

nba lockout

In last two days many American media announced that significant progress was made in talks between NBA players and clubs. There were possibility that those last talks could finally stop NBA lockout.

Unfortunately for NBA and luckily for European Basketball, talks failed again.

According to NBA commissioner David Stern, all games for November are canceled. That means that no games will be played before December, possibly.

As you probably know, the main reason for lockout is money share. Club owners insists for 50-50 %, and player union won’t accept anything under 52% for players.

I know one thing, as long as they have lockout in NBA, we will have more and more NBA players coming in Europe and play. I am very glad that Partizan mt:s will keep Pekovic, we may say now at least until December.

So, if you ask me Mr. David Stern, please cancel whole NBA season.