Nebojsa Bogavac new Hemofarm coach

kk hemofarm stada

Hemofarm Stada finally found a coach who will coach the team after coach Zeljko Lukajic resigned and another one coach, ex assistant, Dusan Gvozdic refuses to take over the team.

New name is Nebojsa Bogavac, years ago successful basketball player of Hemofarm and several other teams in Serbia but as well in France.

It seems that financial situation is so terrible, that all other options (if they were) failed. At this moment and especially in situation like this, it was the only one solution, let someone without any experience to coach the team.

If you ask me, nonsense. But if you see situation in Hemofarm, expected. Too bad that this team came to this situation, and I would like to see that someone from club’s board feel responsible for this situation.

But, I just can’t believe that this will happen. Ohh well, Hemofarm have new coach, life goes on.

It doesn’t matter how much Bogavac can do with team, he has no coaching experience, and coaching senior team without previous coaching experience even with some young teams is nonsense.

And when we see situation in Serbian Basketball, we may understand why Serbian Basketball is on lowest level in last decade. Anyone can be a coach, people from boards care only about own interests and political points, talented players (if we have it) leaving country too early or they not playing at all in their clubs, etc, etc.