NBA season saved by tentative agreement?

david stern tentative agreement

As we already wrote here, NBA season could start right at the Christmas day, December 25.

According to news coming from United States, it seems that both sides finally agreed tentative agreement about terms, and all fans could expect to watch their favorite sport since Christmas.

It seems that Santa Claus will fulfill one of the biggest wishes of NBA fans across the globe.

After a more than 15 hours meeting, it is possible that lockout is close to the end. I am saying possible, because I still believe that we should wait for official confirmation in next day or two.

If things will be ok in next days, NBA season will have 66 games, and will start after almost 2 months later than expected.

149 days of negotiations, threats, blackmails, etc, I believe for good reason that this is the best solution. World without NBA league wouldn’t be the same.

Even, I am sad for European teams that will lose their players who came for short term contracts during NBA lockout, especially sorry for Partizan mt:s because they will lose Pekovic.

I still suggest that everyone think about this as a tentative agreement, as long as we not get final and official statement from David Stern and Players Union. Until now, everybody talking about tentative agreement.

Games schedules for Christmas day are: Celtics vs. Knicks, Heat vs. Mavericks and Bulls vs. Lakers.

Since there are still a lot of things to do regarding this, let’s wait and see how things will develop.

And, for all those who wrote to Santa Claus and wishes NBA season, it seems that dreams come true.