NBA players to invade Europe

nba lockout

As you guys already know several NBA players already play in Europe. But according to latest news about NBA lockout and some rumors from United States and Europe, very soon many NBA players could be pointed to Europe.

We will just mention few players according to current rumors.

Probably the most interesting information or better say rumor is that Gasol brothers, Pau and Marc would like to join FC Barcelona Regal. Already superb roster of Spain team could be reinforced with two extraordinary players, native from Spain. FC Barcelona Regal already have great score in first five games in Turkish Airlines Euroleague with five wins and without losses. With brothers Gasol, only sky is the limit.

After this rumor, we heard another one, that in case of Gasol brothers join FC Barcelona Regal, in that case Dirk Nowitzki could come and sign for Barcelona arc rival Real Madrid.

German team BBC Bayreuth stated that they are in very serious talks with another one NBA star, Kevin Durant. There were rumors that Maccabi Electra is also interested in Durant same as Valencia.

According to Israeli sources Omri Kaspi already signed for Maccabi Electra, and he will be another one NBA players in this team with clause about NBA lockout beside Jordan Farmar.

Jan Vesely, next player on this rumors list, could be possibly new reinforcement for Partizan mt:s Belgrade. Partizan already have Pekovic who will stay as long as NBA lockout is on. Vesely, who already played for Partizan mt:s for three seasons, could be back, and according to some Serbian media negotiations between Vesely’s manager and people from Partizan mt:s are underway.

Dwight Howard, known as “Superman” is another rumor, that he could come to Real Madrid. It seems that people in Real Madrid are bit afraid that Gasol brothers could possibly sign for FC Barcelona Regal.

Few days ago, Tiago Splitter signed temporary contract with Valencia.

We will add more rumors as soon as we have it.

All those happenings remind me on one song from Janis Joplin: “Oh Lord won’t you buy me, NBA player?”