NBA players rejected offer

nba lockout

I may say as expected, NBA players Union rejected offer or better say ultimatum form David Stern and club owners.

It seems that all this saga will finish someday, but on court. Derek Fisher, president of NBA players association said that this decision was unanimous.

As you probably know last offer from David Stern was 50-50, and it was unacceptable for players.

He also stated that all next offers (if there will be) will be even worse for NBA players.

Huuh, what now? It is hard to say at this moment but it is obvious that there is no deal, and there is no NBA season, for now. If this case go on court, it will take some time.

David Stern issued another one warning that if players went the decertification route there is a possibility that all players contracts will be terminated.

This guy is full of … you know what. You cannot just go from one threat to another and expect that opposite side will accept any of your suggestions.

Derek Fisher said that Union fight not just for current players, but for all other future players in NBA. He said: “this is the best decision for players.”

Maybe I will bother you again, but this is great opportunity that we in Europe get more NBA players. Pekovic will stay longer in Partizan mt:s, and there are already rumors that Sasa Pavlovic and Jan Vesely could come to Partizan mt:s.

Maccabi Electra and Valencia are interested in Kevin Durant but it seems that one German club,  BBC Bayreuth already contacted player and sent their offer.

Woow, in that case, Partizan mt:s will have the strongest team in last decade or even more, but many other clubs in Europe will have fantastic rosters.

On the other hand I will be sad that we won’t be able to watch NBA games in this season, but there is still NCAA Basketball. For me, even more interesting than NBA.

However, to summarize, there is no deal yet between NBA players Union and David Stern and club owners.