MZT Skopje officially in ABA Adriatic league next season

todor gecevski

As we already wrote few days ago that people from MZT Skopje expect to join ABA Adriatic league in next season, it is finally confirmed today.

According to Saso Bosilkov president of MZT Skopje, agreement has been reached at meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He said: “It is officially confirmed, MZT Skopje is new member of ABA Adriatic league.”

He continues: “We had meeting in Ljubljana with people from ABA Adriatic league organization, we signed contract to join ABA Adriatic league from next season.”

“This could be finished earlier, but because of health problems of Roman Lisac, it is done now. This agreement guarantee us to play in this league, but we must fight for not be the last team. I am not much worried about this since we working hard and I believe that we will have team ready even for something more, not just for survival.”

Even names of all teams who will play in ABA Adriatic league are still not known, it is known that Serbia will have three teams, Croatia four, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina should have two teams each, Montenegro, F.Y.R. of Macedonia and Israel one team each.

It is still not clear if Maccabi Electra will play in next season in ABA Adriatic league. If Maccabi Electra decide to not play next season, in that case Serbia will have four teams again.

According to Josip Bilic, ABA Adriatic league director, everything will be known before ABA Adriatic league Final 4 in Tel Aviv, April 28 – 30.